simple monday

simple monday

A quick and simple project for today

I made the card using the Fiskars border punch that I used in this post. I simple punched a strip of paper and then cut it in half. All the strips are simply glued to the card in an offset pattern and that's it!


This is a super fast painting (15 min. max) made at the edict of my DD while making dinner a couple of nights ago.

Me: "I don't really feel like painting right now..."
Her: "I know you only like crafty things but you need to paint too." (hands on hips)
Me: "What should I paint?"
Her: "Anything."
She put the paint brush in my hand (big grin).
"Paint! Call me when you're done."
And I obeyed. Lol.

So, what did you make?
I hope you're all having a great start to the week!

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