flowers, flowers


Maybe it's a spring thing but they just keep on coming. This is one I just made from my Lots of Petals collection. It isn't a new one. It is simply a collection that didn't make it to my site when I transitioned to the new design in January—somehow it slid off the to-do list. I had no idea it wasn't there until last night and this is my favorite of the group. It's a simple design that in repetition has such impact.

Adding flowers to any paper crafting project spruces them up instantly. In some cases all you need is one and you're done. I made a white flower (like the one in the photo) large enough to hold a tealight glass in the center and the shadows that it makes are incredible!


I'm happy to announce that all the flowers in the shop are 25% off from today until May 3rd!

Code: flowers12
(make sure to input the code in the Shopping Cart page — not the checkout page).

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Friday Tidbits
- Charlie Trimm on Folksy - a lovely interview of a talented paper cutting artist. (thank you for the kind mention!)
- A jumble of crochet, shapes and colors by Vera João Espinha that looks scrumptious. 
- I want to ride my bike down this road!
- What are we leaving behind? by Holly Becker - so much food for thought here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Make something fun or go out and enjoy this glorious weather (if yours are as gorgeous as they are here - the calm before the infernal summer!). 


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