We were in Austin for a few days and had a great time—even if we went from hot to hotter!

The change of scenery was very needed. Some things we saw are inspiring me and already affecting one of my current projects.

Above: Austin state capitol dome.
Layers + layers - so many possibilities.

Below: Senate room ceiling.
Love the hanging bowl shape.

white & gold

Star fence around the capitol grounds.
There's always much to be said about repetition.


Music themed windmill.
Quirky and a great reminder to have fun with my work.


I've always loved the hills and trees all around Austin.
Natural elements will always call to me.


Now, we're back home, the laundry is done (seriously set a record—I'm a procrastinator with the unpacking), we're back to reality and new projects are waiting.

Can you believe it's August already?!


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