m is for make


Type and print out a large bold letter that is at least 4 in (10 cm) tall, trace the printout on card stock if you can't print out just an outlined letter, cut out random shapes—but be sure to leave a border so it won't fall apart. Done!

Great for:
- a card
- gift tag
- framed artwork
- practicing some cutting skills

I've seen comments about paper cutting projects that include phrases like:
- if only I had the patience
- if only I could do that
- if only I had the time
- if only... (you fill in the blank—I know some of you probably have something else to add here!)

Cutting doesn't have to be complex and no fancy tools are needed. See it as a relaxing thing to do and just go slow. Make something and you'll see it isn't as hard as you think. If you'd like to practice cutting out this M, download it here. It's in reverse so that any black borders you don't cut out won't show up in the final piece. Print it on card stock and use the reverse image as your final piece.

Happy Monday!


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