lots of petals

lots of petals

I thought of posting the photo of a white flag at some point this week (nope, not kidding) but I decided you'd appreciate flowers a bit more. Take them as my "I'm giving up on my summer blogging" for the next few days image. I know if I don't do this now I'll regret not focusing on the kids while they're still on their break. We just have a few more days together. It's always a bitter-sweet time of the year.

So... for now I'm waving my white flowers.

lots of petals

This is my new Lots of Petals collection.

I've been designing and collecting the shapes for the last couple of months and I finally think it's ready. It includes 8 types of flowers that can be mixed and matched amongst themselves or with my Petals or Summer Blooms collections.

lots of petals

Oh yeah... and yesterday we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! Yeah for us!
Love my Mr. Z!

I hope that you're enjoying your week. See you in a few days!

• • •

EDIT :: My apologies to those of you that received my August newsletter without appropriate links!! Here is the link for the desktop for this month (has no calendar—so it can be used at any time of the year).

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