it's all in my head


There's a fine line between taking a break and just not wanting to jump in and just swimming. That's where I'm at right now. Have I enjoyed my time away? Yes and no.

Yes, I loved having more time with the family and getting the school schedule going again. It's so nice to be back to our lovely routine! We're like a well oiled machine and I've also managed to work on a fun project I'll tell you about when the time comes.

No, I didn't enjoy having the scare of the year by taking my Mr. to the ER because of chest pains (thankfully nothing serious—but still!). We have had some emotional days around here and frankly I'm still in recovery mode.

But, back to my first thought. I've been wavering about when to get going again with blogging and just being online in general. I'm considering the idea of putting a summer digital sabbatical on the agenda for next year. Sadly, the unproductive air has slid into work as well.

So, this morning these are my thoughts...
What's with all the excuses?
Just move forward!
Let go and make.
Stop with the over-thinking.
The sketchbooks are there for a reason—pick something already!
More coffee won't help.
And making this list any longer won't either.
But posting this strangely does.

• • •

Oh and random thought... Have you seen the new Martha Stewart Crafts products? I'm not a paint and brush kind of person but the colors have seriously have me excited to come up with some excuse to use them. I couldn't resist and I bought some adhesive stencil film. I'm going to experiment!

[strange but cool looking berries I saw the other day—anyone recognize this plant?]

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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