placeholder + christmas ornament

Typically we spend Thanksgiving at my parent's house, but this year everyone will be coming here. Thank goodness there is one big thing I don't have to worry about—my parents will be bringing the turkey.

So... I've been thinking to add one thing to my to-do list. I want to set the table with some sort of paper theme. This would be out of the norm because we are not the type to dress up a table a whole lot. I don't go much past my white dishes and neutral colored linens (surprise, right?). But this time I want to add a little more in the form of paper and this is an idea that I have in mind—a placeholder that also doubles as a take-home Christmas ornament.

table decor and/or christmas ornament

I got the idea by simply looking at my Twitter background this week and I'm sure you'll recognize the project from this post. The difference here is that this cube is about three times bigger and it's not cut by hand (thank you Cricut & Sure Cuts A Lot). Although I'm not quite done with it, I'm happy with the size. Next up—cutting all the ornaments plus adding some ribbon and a small name tag for each one. Matching tea light covers are also coming to mind. Hmm.

• • •

We're on our last weekend of soccer and the kids have all of next week off because of Thanksgiving. I'll be posting here but I'll definitely be on hiatus from Twitter et al.

In the meantime... have a great weekend everyone!

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