how to make simple gift tags - part 1

I've always had a thing for making gift tags (stating the obvious?) so I decided to make another small series of them, like I did a few years back.

Working on tags is fun because they are small and quick to make. They allow a lot of room for creative approaches and there really are no limits. That being said, I decided to constrain my approach by reducing the materials to a bare minimum. This will force me to create really simple ideas that...
- anyone can approach
- will use materials that everyone has (don't buy anything! use the scraps in your stash)
- are easy for kids to tackle if they'd like to join you
- can stay as is or can be launching pads for other ideas that you may have
- are not necessarily just for the holidays

red gift tags

It's much easier to pile on embellishments and be done with it. It's more work to create something out of less. That's the type challenge I really enjoy. I hope you like what you see and join me in trying some of these yourself.

I planned the general idea for each tag but you'll be able to get a tiny peek at my process as I figure things out along the way. The first three tags that I'll be showing you in this video are made by simply using paper, glue and cutting tools. You can't get any simpler than that.

Each set after this will have a new element, material or technique added. How does that sound?

three gift tags

A note on the video... Remember my horrible past attempts? Well, this is my first "finally-new-camera" version. I'm still learning how to edit and what not but there is definite improvement here. I'll keep trying to make these better, so hang in there with me.

EDIT - For those of you that asked about the corner punch - I used a We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool.

Now there's a part 2 posted!

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