all to myself, again

The first week the kids are off from school is always a bit topsy-turvy. I started my work summer routine, where my schedule is either shifted to the late night or the very early morning. I'm trying the latter for now. So, most every day this week, I've been up and at it for a few hours before the kids are up. It'll take me a while to get used to this. Coffee has always been a good friend, but lately it's been my savior.

I'm being more adamant about my schedule, because I still carry some guilt over last year's summer. All I did was write, write, write. Yes, I feel proud of the result, which you just saw this week, but the guilt is still there. The family/work balance was completely off. This year, things will be different. That's what I hope.

A great thing about having the kids home, is that it brings me a touch of what it was like to have them all to myself as babies. We do have moments of bickering and tantrums—of course—but for the most part laughter and giggles abound. I've also had a taste of one of my favorite things. I love catching, either one of the kids, alone and in the middle of pretending one thing or another with a toy. Typically, I listen to their monologue for a bit and if I time it just right, I get to tiptoe away without them hearing or seeing me. I avoid interrupting them because I hate breaking the spell.

Speaking of spells, we seem to fall under one when we're tackling our crafty projects. We're always amazed at how the time just flies by and it's hunger that makes us stop before anything else does. I love watching their hands and mind at work and laugh at myself when they're so picky about a poorly drawn line or sticky glue in the wrong place. The genes have definitely been passed on.

So this week, I can safely say I conquered the balancing act—with the glaring exception of folding the laundry (it's not just me, right?). Not bad for week one. We'll see if I can keep it up.

Random :: This book looks like it's going to be amazing! (via Paper Forest)

Have a great weekend!

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