a new chapter

Our kitchen table can be the coziest place to draw. A cup a coffee and a few minutes later this is what I ended up with. I can't seem to stop drawing the leaves I drew on our wrapping paper project.

I've received emails asking me about the wall art section of my website. Yes, it is completely empty at the moment. I've decided that I'm ready for renewal. My printables will continue but the artwork will change.

I could delve into a diatribe, several paragraphs in length, of complaints regarding why I've decided to do this. But, I will save you the negativity and leave it at—it's time to evolve. Change is good.

Speaking of renewal, it's also affecting our home. I have bags and bags of things ready to be taken to goodwill and the library. The kids' closets are done and I've tackled a part of ours. The latter is taken longer than expected, because it includes my craft stash (scary!).

We live in a small house, so I've tried to keep things as uncluttered as possible. With two kids and my crafty habit it can get out of hand at times. Every now and then I get the urge to purge, purge, purge. I'm in the middle of that and it feels so good to get rid of the surplus. It's so freeing. I'm not done, but I'm feeling lighter already.

Our summer is moving along slowly and I love it. The kids are only worried about playing with their friends and asking for lemonade every few minutes, because the heat has definitely set in. I couldn't be happier about being away from the computer during the day. The early morning thing is working after all.

New season. New habits. New work. Love it.

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