This post is a quick break from a project that has kept me busy since late last week. It's been a constant chipping away day after day (even while having family over for a barbeque on Sunday) and I'm a bit worn out. The good news is that the client is happy with my work. We're not done yet, so, I may be scarce around here for the next few days.

Backtracking a little, I did start the weekend on a great note. I visited Sew Crafty, Friday night, for their Spring Bling event. I met some lovely people (Sarah, Amie, Erin, Lisa) and had a wonderful time. It's always so energizing to be around creative people. I have awesome news too! I will be teaching a paper craft class at Sew Crafty in the near future. Stay tuned for details to come.

This is a little something I worked on over the weekend and between client approvals. I always need a fun side project to work on because it gives me mental breaks. I specially need the breaks when the project is very 'corporate' and on the dry side. This new printable PDF set is now available in my shop in two color options: blue/red and orange/gray.

My main objective was to come up with a small box that would be suitable for small gifts and in particular for gift cards. Sure, you can always tuck those plastic "credit cards" (like my little C calls them) into a regular note card but a box makes your gift more memorable.

I have no idea why the airmail theme came to mind. I know it isn't groundbreaking at all, but I do have some nostalgia attached to it. When I was little, my parents and I believe my grandmother, used these envelopes quite frequently. I still remember how it felt to hold them in my hands. The paper was thinner and it had a particular crinkly sound when handled. Some of the first letters I received from friends, came in airmail envelopes. They were always such a great sight to see in the mailbox.

I wish I still wrote letters the way I used to. I love technology and all it's conveniences but the joy of sending and receiving a hand written note of any kind can never be replaced.

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