when life gives you lemons

You cuddle, play Chutes & Ladders, draw, cuddle some more, make castles and towers and watch Mary Poppins for the 1000th time (little C's favorite).

I've had my little C with me all week. We're both coughing like never before and her fever is sending us on roller coaster rides of snuggling blankie time and running around play time. It hasn't been too bad but needless to say I've been all Mom this week. My Twitter friends have received the mundane details of my whining and random thoughts.

In a strange way I find that my body gives in when it's time for some time away from work. I'm still working a bit at night but the slow pace is nice. Next week I'm hoping I'll be able to show off some new things I have in the works.

To share something paper related, here is a custom piece that I made a few weeks ago. How I wish we were able to enjoy a walk outside. Just to add some insult to injury, the weather out here has been perfect - cloudless and sunny.

Thank you Apartment Therapy for featuring my magazine bowl project on their blog yesterday!


  1. http://www.snipandsnail.comFeb 4, 2009, 9:07:00 PM

    that custom piece is absolutely incredible.

  2. My 12 year old daughter said to me the other day...

    When life gives you lemons you squeeze the juice in your enemies eye... HEHEHE!

  3. that is the most kick butt block castle i've EVER seen. WOW.

  4. Get well soon! And same to your little one!

    I love your new creation. A serene stroll with someone you love and a dog - it's lovely.

  5. Sewfunky - Ha! Let's all carry lemons instead of pepper spray. ;)

    Devon - It was little C's idea to make a castle on the condition that we use ALL the blocks that we have and we make it tall. It was fun!

  6. Having a sick baby is one thing, but having a sick baby and being sick yourself, is another. But, to look on the brighter side, It must be nice to have a little bonding time with the kiddo, even if it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences. :)

  7. YOur work is so lovely! I like your stationary designs are very original. :)

  8. Sick days would be so fun if only you didn't have to actually be sick.

    We watched Mary Poppins for family movie night the other night, only I'd forgotten how long it is! By the time the final credits rolled, the entire family was snoozing in front of the TV.