the 'official' artist in the family

Is my brother Felipe. After coming back from serving 4yrs as a Marine he went to college to study art. He works in many mediums and paper is one of them. Our styles vary greatly but we do bounce ideas off of each other every now and then.

In light of the recent legal issues surrounding Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope work I thought it would be interesting to show my brother's latest self-portrait. It was obviously inspired by said piece and it's completely made out of paper.

My brother is definitely one to enjoy a twist in his work so I wasn't surprised to see the word dope instead of hope. I asked my brother what he meant by it and he said he'd leave it up to the viewer to decide what definition of the word dope to use.

Is it too terrible to admit that I didn't know that dope is also used for something hip and/or cool?

And here he is with his fiancée.

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  1. so, you were thinking, "a dope"? my mind didn't even go there until i saw your comment. i really like your brother's image with the "dope" sentiment - i went to "self-assured and confident".

    adjective vs. noun...?


    p.s. all your paper crafts are hella dope!!!