new year, new printable stationery

Happy new year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I realize that I'm a little on the late side but I promised myself I wouldn't blog until today. I wanted a break from everything and just be 'mom' (although twitter did keep me entertained there for a bit). Our new year's celebration was very, very low key—just the four of us at home. Perfect.

This past weekend I suddenly had a burst of work energy and I got some new designs made, flushed out some future ideas and designed my new site I won't link to it yet because it's being programmed by my awesome "in-house" IT guy. ;)

So here they are my new printable designs:

For a less cute + more contemporary sensibility:
Love u stationery set

Hearts duet stationery set

For the kids (or grown ups!):
My hope is that the outlined illustrations will be colored in with crayons or markers by random markings of little hands. I would love to see a 'badly' colored in bear. Kids drawings are the best!

Lined loved birds stationery set and heart gift box

Lined Valentine bear stationery set and heart gift box

I'm going to count these as my Monday photo post too. Of course the weather was gorgeous over the weekend and just when I needed the light for these photos it got all gray and cloudy today. C'est la vie.


  1. i really love these! especially love the first clever!

  2. Love that first design, especially! I can't wait to see your new site- I'm getting ready to do my own (with someone else's help, thank you very much), so I'm all excited to see what other people are doing.

  3. Happy New Year to you too!! Very beautiful stationery!

  4. The love birds are adorable! They're all great, but the love birds are my favourite...