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I was just going through my archives to add some work to my portfolio on Logo Lounge (an amazing online logo library - worth every penny of membership!) and this is some of what I added. You may recognize at least a couple of these logos. It's rare that I get to see a group of them like this and I find it to be such a visual treat. It makes me feel like I'm really getting somewhere. I don't know where the finish line is but I'm in forward motion regardless.

This got me thinking about the two worlds I work in: the digital and the handmade. I love them both for different reasons and I don't think I could do without either one of them. My logo work starts with a lot of communication and interaction with my client and then a type of hands on approach in the form of sketches. However, the majority of the time involves the steady click of a mouse and lots of back and forth emails.

My handmade work is so different. I typically start working on a piece with no outside direction other than my own gut feelings, ideas and whims. I work entirely by hand and the end result is purchased (hopefully) by someone that I will never speak to, let alone meet or given away as a gift. The latter occurs less frequently because I have this silly thing about feeling self-centered when I give someone something I've made. I know. I need to get over that.

So where am I going with all this? Not sure. I guess I'm just thinking that finding the right balance with what we do and how we live is really important. I'm only mentioning the balance in my work life but it obviously applies to all else. I don't consciously check my 'life scales'. They just seem to gently rock back and forth on their own. Thank goodness.

Speaking of giving something away... I couldn't leave well enough alone and instead of giving our cards and 'thank you' drawings to our kids' teachers in a plain envelope I made the small folder type pockets below. They match the cards I made the other day. I know I called them gift tags in that post but we used them as note cards this time. You can't go wrong with versatility.

My little C decided that the little graphic in the corner of each card just wasn't enough (even though she did stake her claim really quickly on the school house and apple). She added hearts and a portrait of herself, standing next to each of her teachers, on the back of each card. Someone seems to be taking after her Mom. Nah! I'm not beaming that's just the glare of your monitor.

Good news for the day:
- My little C graduated from Pre K today. What is it with me and the mommy tears? I just couldn't help myself. She looked so cute in her cap and gown.
- My blog made it to a very unexpected place. Neat!

Don't forget there's still time to participate in my anniversary giveaway. Just leave a comment here! I'll let you know who wins at noon tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    I've reading your blog since... I can't remember but I do know I've went all the way to the first post.

    I love all your handmade works, I love your style. And it's also great to finally see the other side, all those logos you made. You used Illustrator for them? I can relate to what you meant being on both sides of digital and handmade creativity.

    You're an inspiration, one day I'll like to be as great as you!