let's go!

I've had these templates ready for quite a few weeks but I didn't have time to post them until now. One day I realized that all my boxes are cute and girly. What about the boys? So here they are. I can see them being used for a baby shower or a small birthday party.

Making these boxes reminded me of my son's fascination with anything on wheels. He was about four or five months old when I bought him a book about cars and trucks. I kid you not... when he opened the first page he held his breath and gasped. It was love at first sight. It's not like he hadn't seen cars before. It was more like he had just discovered them. We soon realized that more than anything he was interested in wheels. Just the wheels. Whether they were on a car, tricycle, or his own stroller he was fascinated. His interest gradually shifted to trains and that captured his attention for a long time. Now, at eight, if he sees anything resembling a car race on TV he must watch it. I wonder what he'll move on to next.

And back to my templates...
My question is - what do I make next? So far I've worked on boxes, one set of cards and the calendars. What other templates would you like to see? Any ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those boy boxes are great. And I know I'm a little late in the game - I'm play catch up - but CONGRATS on the book!

    I wish I had a template idea for you - but right now I'm stumped. I'll be doing a Mexican themed birthday party for my 5 year old boy in the summer - does that give you any ideas? :)

  2. I'm just consistently amazed by what you do with paper. I'd love to see a template for little houses...homes for all the little cars.

  3. Thanks Julie! I'm very excited about the book. That's what I worked on for most of the week.

    Thanks Denise! :)

    Sam - That is such a cute idea!!! I'll definitely keep that idea in mind. Thanks!

  4. these are nifty. i especially love the colours you chose. boys and cars ~ go figure!

  5. I would love a template for Thank you notes for kids to fill in the blanks. Especially with a boy theme and preferably a size that would also fit a 4x6 photo in with it.

    I made copies of the group at my son's party but darn if all the Hallmark Thank You cards are smaller than 4x6 and prissy!!