trees, light & emotions

I've been through such a range of emotions this week with regards to my work with ALH. I don't realize how much things affect me until I notice that routine production work isn't as soothing as it usually is. I thought that a major opportunity that I'm working on may have fallen through and I was very surprised at how disappointed I was. It turns out that things are still OK. However, I've decided that regardless of the outcome I will remain positive and not take things so personally. It's hard to be objective about feedback of your own work isn't it? I thought that the thicker skin I've developed with my graphic design projects would help me with reviews of my handmade work but apparently it doesn't. It may be because the work is more personal.

Balancing things out in my head makes my hands crave for spontaneous creative motion (what a mouthful) so today I took a few minutes to make these trees. I used the inside of a manila envelope that I got in the mail this week. I love using something that would typically go unnoticed as material for something unexpected.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my hurricane cover! I agree with those of you that said that leaving the piece
as is, is best. I've placed on the outer part of the glass and it looks quite soothing when I light a candle.

Oh and look at what I saw in the CB2 catalog this past weekend (image below). As soon as I saw it I thought of what I did here.


  1. You graphic designers are so brave. It would be hard for me to take the constant critiquing you guys must get. Whew! Rock on, brave woman!

  2. I was talking with my husband about this very subject this weekend. I have found that with my own art there is no filter like there is with my graphics for other clients-- in other words, I have an excuse with the clients work if I don't like it. (Well, it could have been better but they wanted this instead.) With my own art there is no filter- it is simply what I wanted to see in the world, and if someone doesn't like it- or I think that it turns out mediocre, well- it seems like it is quite a harsh reflection on me- my talents, gifting etc. But I will tell you what my husband told me," Just do it cause it makes YOU happy". And something my mom told me back in the late 80's when I was around 14 and my hair wasn't 80's high enough (I was having a bad hair day). She said to me, "Your WORST hair day is better than most people's best. So cheer up."

    Honestly, I wish that I had one ounce of your crafty artisticness. Because there are those of us who become graphic artists because they can draw and cut cool stuff out of paper--it is just an extension of their marvelous artistic gift and those of us who become a graphic artist because they stink at their own art- I am one of those graphic artists who can't draw etc. So enjoy this marvelous gift that you have been given and know that it blesses the eyes of those who look at it! Keep up your good work. I am a fan.