new ideas

This is where I sat this morning going over some paperwork and working on some sketches for a new logo project (excuse the iphone hazy quality photo). I think one of the most exciting parts of logo work is this brainstorming session I have with myself. I can literally dump all my ideas onto paper and not have them dancing around in my head. It's liberating. It's also interesting to catch people trying to take a peek at my sketchbook. I feel like they want to ask me what I'm doing but they don't. If they only knew that I don't mind being asked.

I'm at home now and the weather is so absolutely perfect that almost every window in the house is open. I can hear the birds chirping away and the breeze is wonderful. There is no way I cannot be creative on a day like today.

Speaking of creativity - I just saw this and it is now on my list of summer projects to work on with the kids. It will be a lot of fun (most important!) and it will also help my little C retain her alphabet lessons from this year. The summer is just so long and my mind keeps working on how I will keep the kiddos entertained.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
- to Diane for mentioning my diorama project on her blog and congratulations to her for being in the same Craft issue as well. If you've never listened to her podcast you must! It's wonderful.
- to Natalie for featuring my perpetual calendar on Craftzine. I've already gotten messages from people that will be using the calendar as Mother's Day and teachers gifts.

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  1. I love that video! I'm gonna have to do that too. Thanks for sharing!