lessons learned

How does that saying go - "measure twice, cut once"? Today I learned the hard way that it really is true. Here is a prototype of a little pear that I was experimenting with. After perfecting it I was planning on using it for a shadow box piece and now it doesn't fit! Grrr... Back to the drawing board.

Inspired by our costume shopping for the kids today (no time to make them this year), here is another little project I worked on today. It was really easy to make but now I have to figure out how to hang it near/or on our front door.

I cut a pumpkin shape out of foamcore and covered it with black paper. As many of you know, there are foamcore boards that already have color on one side so that's one step that can easily be avoided if you feel like tackling this project. There's one tiny detail that is missing. I want to cover the eyes/mouth/nose holes with orange tissue paper on the back side - so they can have a nicer glow to them. The lighting is basically a light rope that is taped to the back and goes around and around. It doesn't look pretty but nobody will see that. I used a pumpkin shape but I can see silhouettes of a haunted house, a cat, a bat, etc that would work just as well. Now to hang it up... dear hubby was holding it up against the wall for this photo. :)

By the way, I purchased the light rope today (in the Christmas decorations section) and was shocked by what I read on another box of lights which I certainly did not purchase. There was a warning label (I don't recall the brand) that stated that there are know cancerous effects caused by handling the wire of those particular string lights. "Wash hands after handling" was part of the warning. Ok... hmmmm what the heck!!!!? And these things are on store shelves among countless other items which may be similar in nature? Unbelievable. Where have I been? I'm normally good about reading a box of anything before purchasing it but now I will really be more vigilant.

To end with something a little more fun... Check out a Blogger feature, that I just found out about, called Blogger Play. It allows you to view photos that have recently been uploaded. It's fun to sit and watch for a while. Enjoy!

EDIT: Lori just made a comment below that the BloggerPlay feature may come with adult content. I read up on this before posting about it and in the FAQs Blogger states that they are trying to catch any adult content from making it onto this feature. Apparently they can't catch it all. My apologies! So basically you enter at your own risk. I've been lucky and haven't seen anything...


  1. I love the top photo. nice blog!

  2. Just found your blog and love your work. As I work with fabric, I could see a lot of inspirations to work with that medium. I would like to put a link on my blog - is that OK>

  3. This is amazing! LOVE the pumpkin and the other ideas as well! Linking to you soon!!!

  4. The BloggerPlay feature needs to come with a warning label - could contain adult content. Whoops.

  5. So sorry about the pear. At lest all of us out here in blogland could appreciate it! It is beautiful. I too am intrigued by paper and what can be done with it! That magazine bowl is something I would like to try out!