a little late but I think it still counts

As most of blogland knows Blog Action day was yesterday. I had planned on posting but I got sidetracked as is the case in recent weeks. I think ideas such as Blog Action and Design Can Change, for designers in particular, provide an amazing opportunity to help spread the word about how we can become more environmentally responsible in the way we conduct our daily lives.

Personally speaking the two very small ways in which I try to be responsible through A Little Hut is to come up with my recycling projects and making my cards/projects by using paper that is produced with 100% clean, renewable hydroelectric energy. The paper I use is from the Michigan based, French Paper mill. For packaging I use recycled paper.

I think some of the small things I'm doing at home are rubbing off on the kids because I see how they're keen on not wasting paper, shutting the water off while they're brushing their teeth, turning off the lights in rooms when they're not in use, etc. - without having to be reminding them all the time.

So what's up with me and what's up with the lack of postings? I've just been really busy with a few projects. Unfortunately nothing worth showing yet. I thought that having the kids at school would allow more time for everything (including blogging) but the days have just been flying by and I haven't felt as productive lately.

One thing I did get to see last week was Kristen Haseenfeld's Dans La Lune exhibit at Rice University Art Gallery and it was just AMAZING. Her creative use of paper is just incredible. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

Thank you so much to those have purchased my wall art pieces. I'm almost completely sold out and I'm working on new pieces right now. Among them is another Little Red Riding Hood that was custom ordered.


  1. i always love to see what you come up with for your recycling projects! and speaking of a shop update... do you have any balsawood wall art in the works? i'm itching for one to put in my new (still in progress) studio!

  2. Thanks Laurie! I don't have any balsa wood art pieces made right now but I'm always making them through custom orders. I never get enough time to create an inventory because people just email what they'd like. That's how I've been selling them lately. If you'd like one I'd be more than happy to make one for you. :)

  3. I'm loving this so simple, so clear photograph of your packages.

  4. That Little Red Riding Hood is awesome.