a new bag

When you can't tackle a project one way try another. I've had this tote-ish bag sketched out for months. I know how I' want to put it together, the size, how many pockets, etc. and I just haven't gotten around to making it. While I was working last night, I looked up at the shelf above my desk and saw my wooden friend and got the idea of making the bag out of paper. So now I made the bag but I can't put much in it. ;)

Craft has posted the winners of the Tags contest and I'm on the list! See the post here. I can't wait to see my tags in the magazine. Thank you Craft!

I'm also very happy to report that half of the paper illustrations that I posted on my site the other day are now sold. I'm in the middle of making more. If you're subscribed to my newsletter you'll get an email when I post them. Thank you to those of you that have purchased my work. It feels so rewarding!

Thank you to Kim at Desire to Inspire for mentioning my work on her blog. :)


  1. congratulations on the tags! cute bag too :)

  2. This is just perfect. Your blog is divine. WOW and WOW and some more WOW! (I hope it's okay that I put you on my favourite blogs list. :0) Mel