right up my alley

Craft has organized a crafty tags contest. All tag submissions must be made of paper. How can I refuse?! After getting my ideas together this is what I'm going to submit. If you'd like to participate the deadline for entries is August 13th (all the details are here).

The blue tag is actually white on the outside and only blue on the inside. I didn't have great lighting and I kept getting a blueish hue on the outside. Oh well...

I needed a little something to raise the tags on these last two photos so that the cuts could be seen against the white background. Guess what's under the tags? A little Lego block. When you're a mom toys are never far from reach! ;)

The green tag is dual sided. This is the opposite side from the one shown in the top photo.

This is just a one sided tag. The back is plain orange.

Well... I won't be back until next week. We have a lot of celebrating to do today and it will probably continue for the next few days. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Gorgeous! And the new banner is awesome, too! :-)

  2. Wow! Those are beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. they are beautiful! i love them x

  4. you are so talented!

    i just discovered your blog and i love your paper work!

  5. These are beautiful. Now, where can I vote for you to win?!

  6. just beautiful!

    where do you get your inspiration from? Patricia, can we have YOUR interview on crafty synergy?
    :). we can post questions for you.

  7. These are amazing products.
    Thank you!

    Check out my work in recycled cardboard.

    Click on the label, 'The Screen' and 'Sketcchbook.'


    If you like my site I can link to yours and you mine?


  8. you're all too kind. thank you! :)

  9. really love these patricia! good luck with them!

  10. So beautiful! I should talk to you about making me some custom tags for bride's books...

  11. WOW those are so pretty...I entered the contest as well, but after seeing your entries, I don't feel so confident...LOL

  12. Oh...I wouldn't bear to use your tags. :-)

  13. Oooh gorgous! They look great! Before I read the text I thought your pic might be a "sample" entry from the competition's site (eg here's an example of a really kickass one) because it looks so good and was photographed so well :)