sets are here!

I finally got around to organizing the site so that I can offer not only individual cards but sets as well. I did have a couple of assorted sets but not sets of just one design. I've been meaning to this forever and just never seemed to get around to doing it. It's done. Feel free to poke around. By the way, I also added a custom set option. I know everyone has different tastes so make up your set of 6 cards and I'll send it on its way!

Remember the May drawing for a set of cards? The winner is Daniele from Maryland! Congrats! One of my assistants (aka little C) drew the name out of a hat - literally. We used one of her dolls' hats.

I'll be antsy this weekend because I have new ideas for block prints but I'm waiting for my order of linoleum to arrive. In the meantime I have some new wall art ideas I'd like to try and a fun little project to work with the kids.

See you next week!


  1. oh goodness. this s a gorgeous set. i love the bright colors and the pitcher print. lovely work.

  2. Congrats for your blog ... your work is really amazing, great cards ... so beautiful!!!