I think I need to go to a beach or something really soon. After the adirondack chair this is the next image that came to my mind. I wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me something? Something like "relax!"I think I'm thinking ahead in fear because once the kids are out of school my schedule will drastically change. I'll be working the night-owl shift again: day-time mom, night-time designer. I'm not really looking to forward to that...

If I didn't start looking too drab I would probably sell all of my cards in silver. I love the slight shimmer of the ink and just the way it looks in general. I almost made this card a darkish green but I didn't want to go the obvious route. The other color I thought of was a deep reddish orange. But in the end silver won. Should I offer both colors? Any thoughts?

My birthday is this month so in order to celebrate I will be sending a free card with every purchase over $10 and you will be included in a drawing for a set of 6 cards which will be held on May 31st. As a special thank you to all of you that read my little ramblings here I will also include you in the drawing. All you have to do is post a little 'hello' comment below. Simple, right? :)


  1. I love the silver!! I don't think it looks drab at all...very classy + modern. But then again you're talking to a neutral-lovin' gal.

    And happy early birthday. =)

    And yes, night-time designer is hard...I'm noticing a lot more bags under my eyes lately. [yawn] =)

  2. The silver is very nice! Happy Birthday! Turning 25 right :D

  3. I guess I mean 'drab' to those that REALLY like color. I love the silver too!! :)

    Yes, Lilie...I'm turning 25. ;) (yeah right!!)

  4. I really like this one! I think a reddish orange would be lovely too, or a nice appley green. One reminds me of sunsets and the other of spring time. The silver reminds me of moon lit nights. All three are wonderful!

  5. Hello! I really like the silver but would love to see the reddish version.....
    Happy Birthday!
    I posted here awhile back about starting my own blog,and you said to keep you posted. Well, I've done it!! Address is below if you'd like to check it out:)

  6. Hi again! I think I put my blog address in the wrong spot in the last comment. Here it is~

    Thank you for your other answer about an Etsy shop vs. your own website....your insight did help.
    Looks like I'll start with Etsy since the budget is quite stretched right now! ;)

  7. Posting a little hello? How 'bout a big HOWdy?! :- )

    Sorry - couldn't resist...


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