while on vacation

I picture myself writing some "I wish you were here" messages with a card like this while I'm sitting at the beach. We're not going anywhere special this summer so I'll leave that to the rest of you! :) I finally got the blue that I wanted so here you have it. These cards are now available on in my etsy shop and on my web site. Speaking of my etsy shop I still haven't sold anything there. Interesting... My web site keeps chugging along but the etsy thing isn't working for me so far. I'll give it a little more time. If it doesn't work I'll just close it down.


  1. I too have been disappointed with my performance on Etsy. {granted, it's only been three months, but still, only three sales??}

    I have no trouble selling outside of Etsy, so I know my products are good. Maybe there are just too many choices on that site? Hard to focus? Hard to decide? hard to find? I have no idea :)

    Since it's such a small investment, I just keep it up. {an ebay shop is a much bigger monetary commitment}

    Good luck. Your cards are lovely :)

  2. I love how you printed the chair off center. It definitely is getting me in the mood for summer!

  3. Sorry if I sound like a complete dope but, I am new to blogging and am considering my options as far as opening my own Etsy shop or creating my own website to sell things from. You have chosen to do both.....what are the benefits of having both? I always thought if you had your own selling sight you wouldn't need an Etsy shop?? But, maybe it's the equivalent of having your work in two different retail shops?? I would love your feedback, if you don't mind sharing it with me! Thank you!
    from~ trying to make informed choices :) (aka~ Andrea)

  4. I must say I am surprised that you have not sold anything on ETSY. Your work is fabulous!

  5. I LOVE this design. It's gorgeous. I'm also surprised you haven't had any etsy sales. I've had some things on there for a few months, but I've never had a sale either. Maybe people go directly to your website from your etsy shop to save you a fee! I try to do that when I buy from etsy if the option is there.