moving along

I almost feel like just posting photos and leaving no comments. But that would be lame wouldn't it? I haven't posted much for a couple of reasons. The first, I'm just flat out too busy to post anything semi-interesting. It's mostly design work and my effort to concentrate on being a better mommy/wife. ;) The second reason is that I've had to reevaluate what I decide to post. I don't particularly like self-editing and even though I do that already (you'd be surprised how chatty I can really be!) I think I'll have to do it even more. How sad. It boils down to one word...plagiarism. I'll leave it a that.

I leave you with some links to explore if you have time:
- A Little Hut was featured on SheUnlimited today! Thank you! :)
- This blog is for those of you that may be interested in publishing a children's book someday.
- This link is for those of you that enjoy viewing other's ideas/sketches. I love seeing what everyone else "sees".

Things to come: new block prints (like the one above) and a couple of other things. Stay tuned.

I miss blogland!! I haven't been able to read as much and I get into lurker mode when I'm this busy. I hope you're all doing well!! :)

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  1. Yes, wish I was there sitting in that nice beach chair. =)

    So sorry about the plagiarism issue, that is terrible.