revisiting the four trees

I got a very nice email from Von Glitschka, aka Vonster, regarding the four trees he bought from me. He got them framed and they're hanging in his studio now. This is picture he sent me of the result!

To be perfectly honest I never had an intention of selling these trees until he emailed me. I "know" him from the HOW forum that I frequent, he saw this on my blog and emailed me asking how much I'd charge him for some trees. He was my first 'tree' customer and several followed after that. Funny how that worked out. Thanks Von! :)

Speaking of Von he produces one of my favorite podcasts called The Illustrative Designer. There are some great interviews there. I may have mentioned it before. He also offers a great resource with Illustration Class. I'm actually starting to work on the translation for the Spanish version of his notes on that site. I don't know how he does everything he does!!


  1. Your trees are very beautiful! Thanks for the podcast tip. I often forget to browse at iTunes. :-)


  2. Your trees are one of my favorite pieces of your work.

  3. Although I'd visited Crafty Synergy, I didn't realise you had your own blog too, nor was I aware that you made such fabulous work of your own. You seem to be an absolute superwoman! Most impressed.
    Have a good weekend

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    Superwoman? Thanks Heather but sometimes I think I'm more like 'crazywoman' for taking on too many things at once! ;)

  5. how neat! i love your trees + love seeing your work.

  6. I absolutely love your trees. Love them. I fully intend to buy at least one once I get settled in my job and new home. :)