living a day in the past

After a very hectic weekend we had a fun Monday. D and I went with his 1st grade class on a field trip to a little one-room schoolhouse to experience what it was like to be in school almost 100 yrs ago. The kids even had to dress the part and take their lunches in pails. The moms that tagged along played the part of 17 yr old "big sisters". We were in class too and had to work on lessons as well. It was a lot of fun and very eye-opening for the kids.

We were told outside the schoolhouse what the rules were and once she rang the bell that was it. No more talking AT ALL. From that point on we were in class and we were treated and spoken to according to how it was done way back when. We each had to introduce ourselves before being seated. Along with our introductions girls had to curtsy and boys had to bow. When we finally got to sit down we had to be facing forward the whole time with our feet flat on the ground. We all kept crossing our legs and the teacher kept saying "feet flat on the ground" over and over. Even one of the moms got in "trouble" at one point for that. Teacher: "Big sister, feet flat on the floor. You need to set a good example to your younger sisters". The rest of the class turns to the back to see what's going on. Teacher: "Face forward everyone". Absolute silence and everyone turns.

We got a small lesson in using quill pens. D kept trying to steal a glance back at me. His eyes said it all..."help!!". Poor thing he was getting messed up with the ink and just wasn't getting the hang of it. The teacher finally gave him a hand. It was weird just sitting there and not being able to help him.

After the quill pen lesson the kids got to wash their hands in the back of classroom one at a time. Even that took longer than usual because they simply didn't know what to do without having a faucet in front of them.

While some students read at the front of the class the rest of us had to work on spelling using a lap-slate. Here's my funny story for the day. I finished my spelling and was just sitting there when the mom sitting next to me nudges me and points to my slate board. She kept pointing and pointing and I didn't know why. Well take a look at how I spelled the first word of the lesson (3 times no less!!!) - trunck!! As soon as I realized what I'd done we had to do everything in our power not to burst out laughing . I'm the one that helps D with his homework! My poor child! lol.

I got to take pictures because the teacher would give us a cue when we could do it. She'd call on the "big sisters" and pretend she was taking a photo. She didn't want to interrupt the kids by even mentioning the word camera. So we'd discreetly get up and take photos while the kids kept working.

The class was only 40 minutes long but I think that was long enough for everyone. The kids were surprisingly very well behaved but as soon as we got out they were all breathing a sigh of relief. I don't think they'd ever been that quiet for so long! lol.

At recess the kids jumped rope, played with hoops & sticks and learned how to make a cup out of a sheet of paper to get a drink of water.

After a long weekend, a field trip on Monday, was just what the doctor order. Away from work. Away from home. Away from everything (cell phone off!). Time with D and friends. It was very nice indeed.


  1. That's so cool! It sounds like a great experience.

  2. I used to watch Little House on the Prairie and the inside of the classroom reminded me of that. :)