Who doesn't like to color? I've had these little animal characters drawn up for a long time. I made them one night when I was procrastinating from doing real work. ;) Today little C and I used them for the first time to color them in using our favorite bucket full of crayons. I think I'm going to start making these simple pages for little C to enjoy. It'll be a nice break from Strawberry Shortacake, My Little Pony, et al (at least for me! lol). I used basic shapes on purpose because she's getting her circles, squares and rectangles a little mixed up. Maybe this will help her out and make it fun at the same time.

I forgot to mention that I got a little attention from HOW on their blog the other day. Thank you!! :)


  1. That is a very cute coloring page! Olivia LOVES to color ALL the time. I'm thinking about getting her a huge box of crayons for her birthday.

  2. What a sweet idea. Is the picture drawn or designed on the computer?

  3. I drew a sketch and then rendered it on the computer.