breathe in, breathe out

Just popping in to say hello. Yes, I'm still alive! :) I've just been very busy with design work, getting ALH orders ready, being a mom/wife and going to soccer games. That's about it really. I'll be happy to be back posting other goodies soon. My hands are itching to make something new!!

Lately I've been working in the living room a lot. A mix of cashews and raisins keeps me going!

We're still in the midst of celebrating little C's 4th birthday. Her party is this coming weekend.

High-fives after a good game. Soccer dominates all our Saturday mornings. The season is almost over - only one more game to go.

If you haven't had a chance you should take a peek at the interview I posted yesterday on Crafty Synergy. I love Shoshona's work. Beautiful!

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