I don't know how long I'll be gone (a week, maybe two?) but I need to take a break from my bloggity blog. There's too much to do! I'll be back when I feel more caught up. In the meantime I hope you all take care!

This cork is the one that I made here. The only difference is that I cut out some leaves to add some interest. And yes, that's my actual every day handwriting. I started using all caps when I was in high school and it stuck... ;)


  1. See you soon, Patricia! I write in all caps, too. . . not as much as I used to, though. My dad is an engineer, and I think I picked it up from him.

  2. see you soon...don't be to long!!

    p.s. i also write exclusively in caps:)

  3. Aaw, and to think I was going for more cork love! ;)

    I'm terrible at writing all in caps, it takes me almost forever, and if I were to fill out a form that needs caps, I pray that there isn't anyone behind me in line!


  4. Love the tree print on the cork. Enjoy your break, I think I need to take one soon. =)

  5. Hi, Patricia. Been reading your blog for a few weeks now. The block print looks so beautiful. Don't stay away too long. I'll need some inspiration from your blog from time to time :-)