I started this block print about a week ago and it's been sitting in my studio unfinished. Today I decided to turn it into a partner for the other framed block print I posted a few days ago. They look cute on the wall together. These are actually practice pieces for something that I plan on offering in my shop in a couple of months.

Speaking of the shop I've been trying to stay on top of things to be able to reopen in February. One thing I have to do is stop visiting so many blogs! But some of them are so wonderful to read. I have no idea how people like Alicia do it. Her most recent post is so 'visual'. I wish I could do that. I simply don't know how.

Off to do homework with D and drink some hot tea...ummm.


  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Your work is sweet and I've bookmarked you to visit often. I haven't made blocks for printing since college -- and I love the idea of combining them with embroidery. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


  2. this is another wonderful piece... well done!

  3. Blogging takes time! As does children and a career. How is your reopening going?