Another block print to show off today. I made the print today (it felt good to play with ink again) but I actually finished making this block in Colombia. I think that's where I got the tiled roof thing. It's something very common there. This will be another addition to A Little Hut. I can't wait to just be open, open, open! Being sick has thrown my schedule off by a couple of weeks but I WILL be open in September (don't know the date yet) even if it kills me!

I started making a new doll last night. I'm using the left over yarn from the chunky dolly to make this thinner one. My plan is to make the body and clothes separate. I want her to be a crocheted version of my cards because I have a little plan for her. I jumped right into making this one even though I have a million other things to do.

Speaking of things to do. I need a schedule. Now that my kids are both in school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I find that it's been harder for me to get my day going in a productive way. I have all this "free" unstructured time and it goes by sooooo quickly. Tomorrow I plan on making a schedule for myself so my precious three days alone don't go to waste. Has anyone gone through this when you have no kids in the house for the first time? The house seems soooo quiet when they're not here. Nice, but weird/sad at the same time.

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