Still away...

I'm still on vacation with the kids in Colombia. Hubby's two weeks flew by and he's back home now :( We've enjoyed every minute of being here. We've eaten like kings and done a little bit of everything. The kids have gone fishing, horse back riding, played soccer like crazy, etc etc. It's been fun, fun. I'm exhausted but I just wanted to give a quick hello since today we got the internet hooked up here. I've posted a random sampling of photos on my flickr page so if you're curious you can visit here. I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Oh and one more thing! My HGTV - That's Clever segment is supposed to air tomorrow (July 5th). If anyone cares to give me a review I'd love to hear it (nervous about it though). I'll only be able to see the taping of the show when I get back home in August. A reminder: I was really sick the weekend of the taping so my voice is way off! I had no voice the day before the crew showed up at the house. I hope I didn't make a total fool of myself! Eeek! Here's the link to my project on the HGTV site.


  1. i think you look great and did great! no one would know you'd been sick. they'd just think you had one of those raspy sexy voices. ;)
    your cards are great... so labor intensive. i thought mine were kinda laborious until i saw yours. wow!
    congrats on being on the show!!

  2. i just realized i said 'great' alot. the kid's asleep so i was hurrying to type the post. LOL

  3. I enjoyed reading about your trip to Colombia, the pictures are beautiful. I am Colombian too(well my parents were born there) and I hope to one day visit with my hubby and kids some day...