we have liftoff!

I've been running around like a mad woman getting prepared for our trip. Have you ever tried looking for winter clothes at the beginning of summer!? Talk about a needle in a haystack! I have everything we need (I think!) and today I can finally just sit down and pack. We leave on Thursday and we are headed to Colombia to visit family. I'll be there with the kids for 2 months and hubby can only be there for 2 weeks. I will not be posting anything for the next three weeks or so. I'm taking my laptop w/me so that I can work after that. We'll see how much I can get done!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer! I will be enjoying fall type weather (there are no seasons in Colombia and we'll be in the mountains where it's semi-cold) so no golden tan for me. Here are some general shots of modern vs old Colombia architecture. The first two photos are taken in Bogota (the capital). We'll be staying in the suburbs outside that city. The last shot is of the main square of the small town where we had our honeymoon. TTFN! :)


  1. Thanks lori! I'll miss everyone around here as well. Hopefully I'll be able to get hooked up down there quickly and lurk around some time! ;)

  2. Wow! How beautiful! Have a great vacation! Glad to see you got your internet hooked up!