Back in business

My other blog am intrigued is alive and well again. Just thought I'd mention it. For those of you that have never visited I use that blog to post about finds that inspire and intrigue me. I post about architecture, jewelry, art, toys, and design in general -- anything that catches my eye.

As a sidenote - for those of you that have never used bloglines: USE IT! It will save you tons of time. It's kind of a pain to organize but once you get going it's a breeze. I used to be one that would go from post to post going down my list of bookmarks. No more! I love it! :)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love bloglines as well. It sure makes surfing the blogs easy!

  2. I have your am intrigued blog bookmarked now! What exactly does bloglines do? They don't explain themselves very clear on their homepage...