A weekend full of celebration

Whew! What a weekend! Saturday we had lunch at my grandmother's to celebrate my uncle's birthday. We had a lot of fun. My cousins made lunch and it was simply delish! At one point, my grandmother who is 92, got sentimental on me. She got into the "I've had a wonderful life and a lot to be thankful for" mode and obviously shed a few tears. To be honest she's one of my reasons to make this trip. I wanted her to meet our daughter who'd never been to Colombia. Our kids are her only great-grandchildren.

Saturday was also my in-laws anniversary (number 39!) and yesterday was my father-in-laws' birthday. My father-in-law was in heaven. Not only was it his birthday, but all the family was together (sans my hubby - his oldest son) and to top it off we all got to watch the soccer final World Cup game. It was a nail biter. I've never heard so much noise in one house! The kids where running up and down the stairs playing this and that with another little cousin and the adults where all screaming at one dumb play or another during the game. I was rooting for France so that was a bummer. My heart wasn't completely in the game though because I really wanted Germany to win the whole thing. Oh well. After the game we all headed to a Japanese teppanyaki style restaurant. Yuuuummm! For the entertainment of the kids our chef shaped half of our rice into a Mickey Mouse head and the other half became Sponge Bob.

It was a fun weekend with family, good food and celebrations. I wish we could have more of these!

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