hydrangeas and news

I fell off the online planet for a bit didn't I? There's a good reason for that.

After 12 years of working from home I am now working at an office full-time. It's temporary because I'm helping out a group of designers that were short-handed and it's a long story so I'll leave it at that for now.

This has obviously been a big shock to our family life, schedule—everything. I no longer pick the kids up at 3 (they stay a little longer at school), and let's just say that homework, dinner, soccer practices/games and everything else just swallows the rest of me up. So... something had to fall through the cracks and my online world was the victim.

I still want to keep A Little Hut running because it's such a big part of what I love to do (how can I stop when I'm loving this series I'm creating recently?!), but I had to share this change because I wanted you to understand why I'm a bit more absent than usual.


Here's a little project that I've been wanting to give a shot for a long time. It's finally done—hydrangeas! It was challenging (so much of the fun is in this step!) to arrange the set up of the flowers but after a couple of revised designs I finally got it.

The first hydrangea I made had 60 little flowers on it! Even though it looked great I thought it was overwhelming over the box and I don't know about you, but who has time for a project that time-consuming? I want these projects to be a bit more of a challenge but I don't want them to be daunting!

I looked up the meaning of hydrangeas and apparently there are differences of opinion on the subject. The one meaning that caught my eye—specially because of today's post (my absence/news)—was this: Gratitude for being understood. Isn't that just so coincidental?!

So there you go... hydrangeas for you—for being patient with me!

I hope you're all doing great!!

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