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A little late but here is today's freebie! Recognize her? She's one of the characters on my journal cover that I showed you last week.

Speaking of which, I didn't make the cut for the Lilla Rogers' Glabal Talent Search. I was prepared for being ok with whatever happened—and I am ok. I'd be lying if I told you it isn't disappointing not to make it to the next round. At the same time I truly do believe that things happen when and how they should. I trust that my work will find an avenue into the licensing arena in other ways—probably in unexpected ways. I still see my work on wrapping paper, fabric, stickers, etc. For now here is what it could potentially look like.

I told you that the artwork on the cover could be used in other ways! Today I used it for a card embellishment and for wrapping paper designs—all mockups but it's fun to see the potential, right? The cover design is available at Society6 as a print and cushion cover.

Go ahead and get your freebie gal here and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Ahh wait... about the freebie!
I added the shoe by gluing a little scrap of pink paper to the front of the foot. Then I turned the girl upside down to use the body/foot as a guide to cut out the shape of the shoe. It was too small to cut with the machine. You'll also notice that the lower arm needs to be tucked behind the duck. I used foam dots to give the whole thing a bit more dimension. That's it—have fun!

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