a little dutch and a little floral

These are two new gift box/scene type boxes that couldn't be any different in their style and execution. Writing the instructions for the Dutch Windmill was dragging on for some reason while the Aster Gift Box project was more straightfoward. If you follow me on Instagram these are no big surprise. I couldn't help myself and I had already posted some sneak peeks there (I'm the girl that used to look for presents before Christmas day!).

My favorite thing about the windmill is definitely all the details. I really did my photographic research there.

My favorite thing about the Aster flower box is that the flower is actually sitting higher up than the box. It has a base that elevates it—making it not your usual flower on a box type of project.

By the way, the aster happens to be the September birth flower, so it's just in time! It also known to be a symbol of love and patience. Love that!

I'm starting to have a tremendous collection of boxes here! Love them all for different reasons. All I have to say (for the nth time!) is thank goodness I enjoy geometry‚ otherwise these projects would never see the light of day.

Both boxes are in the shop here:
- Dutch windmill
- Aster gift box

• • •

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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