summer! (psst! a sale and new work)

Happy Friday everyone! Here is my latest set.

New for today are on my newsletter—psst! some of you have been asking when I'm having a sale! You can find the code on the newsletter here.

This Feather Tribe collection above represents what I hope to do more of in the future (can you tell I love this pattern? hee-hee!). I want to make sets that will include all types of options: paper projects, fabric, wrapping paper, etc. Yes, stamps is on the wish list too—but if truth be told I'd much rather license my designs to a manufacturer to have more time for designing—the fun stuff!

Speaking of licensing — I'm still looking for a paper craft manufacturer that would be interested in carrying my product lines. I'd LOVE to create projects with my own paper—fun, fun!

Well, I'm off to enjoy some family time (aka pool time—the summer is in full swing around here!).

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Really admire how you combine contemporary and whimsical in your designs!


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