day off


Some days are meant for just meant for playing and getting the mental cobwebs out. That's what today is for me. I'm working on sketches and ideas and as you can see I simply couldn't squeeze in a new project for the shop this week—but I'm ok with that. Quality vs quantity is my motto!

The photo is a simple prototype that I worked on in the last few days—playing with a new tool (it reminds me of a hydrangea). It's simple to make because it's just 12 cones cut out using the Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Paper Punch—easy, easy! It would work really well as a gift topper for a larger gift because is bigger than you'd think (6" x 6" x 3"). Working with this tool has inspired me to make something really great next week. If it comes out like I'm imaging it, it will be SO pretty! We shall see.

Friday tibit
I only have one but it's worth it! If you are an artist interested in entering the licensing field you must run out and get Lilla Rogers new book: I Just Like to Make Things: Learn the Secrets to Making Money while Staying Passionate about your Art and Craft. I got it yesterday and finished it today. What a great read! It fueled me at a moment when I've been having some burn out with a bit of self-doubt (ugh!!) creeping in there too. I was so impressed with it that I felt compelled to email Lilla to thank her for the book—a la girl fan... lol! I probably won't hear from her but that's perfectly ok. I just really believe in spreading your 'thank yous' whenever you're inspired to do so.

Well that's all I have for this week! Off to enjoy some lunch with friends.
Be well and enjoy your weekend!

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