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kiwi crate

I was given the opportunity to review the Kiwi Crate a while back and I couldn't have been more pleased with this hands on idea for kids. It is a box of crafty goodness that arrives at your doorstep on a monthly basis with a paid subscription. It is very well designed, packaged, thought out and creative. Cohesive design and clean presentation will get me every time—they had me from the moment I opened the box. The crate comes with everything you need to complete three projects plus additional ideas provided in the easy to follow brochures and online.

kiwi crate

My daughter loved it! Since she is a bit older than the recommended age (3-7 years old) she was able to tackle almost all the projects without my help. Little ones will definitely benefit from their parent's help (aka great crafty bonding time!).

I wish I had good photos of my little C tackling the projects sadly the lighting where she was working wasn't that great so the pictures aren't that good at all. She barely let me take these few photos before diving in. ("Are you done yet? Can I play? Can I play NOW?")

kiwi crate

What I loved about the projects was that they allow for a lot of flexible creativity. I'm always telling my kids that there is no right or wrong answer in art and I think these projects prove just that. Instructions and all the materials are given but the creative part is left up to each little artist—it's anything but painting by numbers. You can't beat that!

So... two thumbs up for Kiwi Crate. There needs to be more of this simple, creative fun for kids out there!

Good news!
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Have a creative day!

kiwi crate

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