layered paper rosettes

layered rosettes

I started this Layered Paper Rosettes project just before going on vacation and thought I'd be able to post it while I was gone (yes, I took my laptop with me—in case of emergencies—the life of a business owner!) but there was just no way I could muster enough focus to do it. I also was sticking to the "I'm on vacation and the computer isn't part of that!" self-imposed rule. So here they are and I can't wait to make more.

layered rosettes

Layered rosettes are simple to make—a little bit of patience (glue drying!) and something heavy makes them easier to take on. The combination of the 5 designs will make many different rosettes. I think they can be also used as tea light covers, Christmas ornaments, gift toppers, etc.

What do you think you can use them for?

layered rosettes

Have a wonderful day friends!

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