school days are almost over

school days

Can you believe how fast this year has gone by? I'm still in denial that summer is seriously upon us. School will be over on June 1st and the kids are counting down the days. They can hardly wait to be "free" as they put it.

I've already announced that this will be a very crafty and active summer. TV and any electronic devices will be limited to a strict schedule. I'm going to be a drill sergeant in that regards. They are so "thrilled". Hahaha!

My crafty to-do list is almost all of the cover designs of the Mollie Makes of the last 6 issues. My C will have it no other way—everything is just too cute (just like she loves it!). I'll be happy to tackle something cute for her and reading someone else's instructions for a change!

• • •

I've been very burned out after coming back from the retreat last week so this was a slow week. I managed to update the School Days boxes and I got an exciting sample in the mail... What do you think about me designing stamps? I'm so excited but I may need help narrowing down my ideas. I'll let you in on more details as they are available. Woohoo! 

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