good monday

gerbera daisy

I could hardly stand it last night. I wanted this week to start because even though there's a lot to do I wanted to just start—and here I am with my mind going a million miles an hour (or so it seems). I feel like I have many ideas and not enough time. I guess there's nothing new there.

While I have more goodies to show you, I do have a new gerbera daisy in the shop. I don't know why I hadn't made it sooner. It's my favorite one in real life. It seems like such a happy flower and the colors are really gorgeous.

More to come! But enough about me...

I get such a thrill when I see what other people do with my files. Today the visual treat comes from the talented Lowri McNabb. I just had to smile when I first saw it. Check out how Lowri used my Office Companions Hanging Frame/Note holder . The tabs in the pocket are genius and the new Echo Park paper makes the whole project pop. Awesome job Lowri!


And to round off my random Monday...
This is a little scene from last week. Melt!
She turned nine last week and she wanted was an easel and paints for her birthday. Who am I to say no? She's on a roll and I'm going to run out of room to hang her artwork. Love it. Love it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Still waiting the old cutting mat tutorial.

    1. Unfortunately I haven't been able to finish it. Some due dates on client projects have taken over. I'll post it as soon as I can!

  2. Patricia, I'm loving the Gerbera daisy file, but wondering, is it straightforward to assemble? Can you give me some hints if there's something special I need to do?

    1. I curled all the pieces before assembling the flower. The smaller petals are easily curled towards the center. The larger petals are curled vertically along each petal. I found it easier to put each petal up to the edge of my work table and letting the thinner piece overhang and curling with larger piece carefully without letting any creases show. All that's left to do is stack the pieces from smallest to largest. You're done!

      If you still have any questions just let me know. Have fun!