gift wrapping idea

gift wrapping

I hope you had a wonderful Easter—we sure did! We had a two-for-one type of day because we also celebrated our little C's birthday. She will be 9 this week.

There is a little something coming in the mail for her (still not here) so we printed out a picture of it and wrapped it in this box. I'm so glad she's old enough to understand this type of thing.

I used the same origami box design that I used here (they are addictive to make!) and one of my Easter Eggs/Bows. There's no need to wait for Easter to come again—I told you they're multi-purpose! I made the box while the bow was being cut on the machine and I was done in a matter of minutes.

Graduation parties, first communions and teacher's gifts are all coming up so this is a perfect way to wrap small gifts or gift cards. You know that I favor solid colored paper but imagine this with different patterns or embossed paper—truly endless possibilities!

gift wrapping

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Happy Monday!

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