mission style: like going back in time

mission style

Well hello again! Last week was just all about work. I couldn't even think of what to put on the blog so I opted to stay quiet—much better than some bland bla, bla, bla. This week promises to be just as busy but at least there is a lot on my plate.

I'm into the the 3D paper work lately. I really enjoy coming up with new shapes. It's more challenging and exciting to see the results.  

After I finished the Moroccan party set I thought that it would be nice to counterbalance it with something more masculine and less ornate. That's when I thought of Frank Lloyd Wright and how he was a big influence on me when I was in college. I think in some way his work still is. Somehow it feels like "comfort design" to me—it's so familiar. 

I said this is more masculine but there is no reason why this can't be turned into something more feminine. This lantern design can be used as is or as a base to customize in many ways with flowers and ribbon. You get the idea right? 

The whole Mission style party set is now available in the shop. Enjoy!

mission style

Happy Monday!

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