easter eggs - svg files


After a few days off with the kids it's so hard to come back! But as is always the case, when I take a break inspiration for other projects kicks into high gear. Now if I can get rid of the back issues I'm having (I messed it up pretty bad—don't move furniture alone! ugh) then I'd be doing great.

For now I do have a little something new to show you—Easter eggs and bows. I'm quite proud of these because not only are these Easter eggs cute for decor (like mobiles, ornaments, place holders, etc) but the same files can be used as gift toppers and bows. Once Easter comes and goes you can use the same holiday decorations for gifts. How's that for a bigger bang for your buck?

eggs turn into bows

Can you believe this is the first time I buy brads? This could get dangerous!

Happy Monday!

• • •

Before I forget...
I've opted out of Pinterest. As much as I enjoyed creating my pin boards and seeing what the rest of you were pinning from my sites I've decided that I can't continue. The terms of service are actually quite ridiculous and as users we are the ones running all the risk. There are many articles out there but this is the most recent one I read and it finally did it for me. I deleted my account and I have installed a "no pin" code (found here) on my blog and site. I hope you understand.

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