project life: day one

valentine's day kit

"You're little boy is all grown up."

He said that and it hit me (he's going to be twelve in 7 days). He's right—and other than photos I don't have much else to remember this amazing adventure with him or his sister. What about all the stories and conversations that go along with those photos? (enter mom guilt—gulp) So, I'm going to remedy this situation this year.

I've been eyeing Project Life for a long time. For those of you that don't know what it is: in a nutshell it's scrapbooking in a minimalist way—or at least that's the way I see it. It's more about the stories and the photos, then it is about layouts and embellishments. As with any creative project, styles vary wildly. There is no surprise in the fact that I prefer the minimalist side of things and that's why I lean towards work by Ali and Liz.

I have journaling cards that I bought a long time ago and some photo pocket pages that I'll be putting to good use. Now that I think of it I may have mentioned this a while back. That effort obviously didn't take off. But now it will. I'm looking forward to designing some simple journaling cards for myself too (oopsie! another project I will have to make room for—but very worth it).

valentine's day kit

I know these photos don't relate but in a way they do. As cheesy as it sounds, Project Life will be my labor of love for me and for the family. I'm going to try to make it a creative outlet where I'm not as picky on the design of it all. I'm just going to dive in. Day one is all about getting organized and putting those first words to paper. Here I go...

Photos: New Valentine's Day kit in the shop!

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Thank you so much to Kate Pruitt on DesignSponge for featuring my Etsy shop in her post 10 great etsy shops you need to know. So flattered to be included with such talent. I love every single one of those shops!

And thank you to those of you that have send in the kindest messages and emails about my new web site. I'm quite excited about it and it looks like it's all running smoothly.


  1. My oldest just turned 12 last month. I scrap booked the 1st 2 yrs of his life and the 1st 6mo of his brother's. Pathetic! I guess when my creative business took off my other creative hobbies went away. Is it too late? Can I start when they are 10 and 12? I never print photos anymore, they just stay on my (or my husband's) computer.

    If you can do it maybe I can!

  2. I don't think it's too late at all. Will I regret not having starting sooner—sure. But I'll regret not having started at all. I don't print photos anymore either. But this will make me print the best.

    Here's hoping I stick with it!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you ... I'm a fan of simplicity too, so I am sure yours will be lovely.

  4. Very pretty stencils and designs.